Music to Your Ears: How sound can enhance a hotel’s atmosphere and bottom line

December 9, 2014

Music to your ears

So what’s that new, hip music playing in the hotel lobby?

Hotel marketers are realizing the importance that sound plays in the overall guest experience.

Guests may be surprised to learn that it may not just be a random tune chosen by the front desk staff’s iPod, but instead part of a carefully-constructed marketing plan focusing on selecting music that evokes positive emotions. Hotel marketers are realizing the importance that sound plays in the overall guest experience, and more hospitality companies are going the extra mile to make visitors feel comfortable on a number of levels. Although this may be obvious to consumers, the hotels are incorporating those musical cues in a multitude of ways.

In the hotel world, music has recently become an important element within a property, adding some “good vibes” for guests. In fact, many hotels and restaurants are hiring professionals to customize playlists for the various rooms on the property, such as the lobby, bar, outdoor areas, café, etc. Whether it’s rock and roll, hip hop, fusion or jazz, from a marketing perspective, hotels are not the only business that utilizes music. For example, clothing retailers aimed at young professionals often air the latest up-tempo hits from new artists, while a laid-back coffee shop might choose to go for “lounge-style” instrumentals. The wrong music choice can sometimes prove disastrous: After all, some tunes can actually “age” a property prematurely, and other melodies can be the wrong fit for the room – driving away customers along with the revenue.

Some tunes can actually “age” a property prematurely.

When hotel GMs or marketing directors decide to explore new music options, they can turn to the pros — seasoned sound architects who select the most optimal background music. There are plenty of companies to choose from, too. Leading edge firms like Gray V and Mood Media employ DJs, sound engineers and music-loving techies to customize just the right mixes and playlists for specific destinations. These companies work with major retail, hotel and restaurant brands to research and design the optimal style of music that truly enhances a particular space within a property.

These innovative firms work closely with a brand or individual boutique property to determine the best way to formulate the right music that matches the desired ambiance. Considered an art form, these “music solution” companies thoroughly analyze goals and objectives before recommending the type of melodic inspiration for a specific hotel. In addition to audio, most music marketing firms can work with properties to formulate an entire menu of services, including integrated video and cutting-edge technology entertainment solutions as well.

After all, savvy hoteliers know that when guests are happy, the hotel will prosper, and will attract repeat guests. And that’s music to everyone’s ears!

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