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digital marketing team

white-glove & hands-free

“Our Content Management System is built to make the daily life of hoteliers easy, but everyone needs an extra set of hands every now and then. Add one of our CHDM certified digital marketers to your web-only program and never make another website update again.”

Mekell Barker, Senior Director of Account Service

media strategy team

marketing without strategy is PR

“Nothing is more frustrating for a busy hotelier than a monthly report that lacks strategic insight. Our CHDM certified strategy team will have your back in the good times and the bad with detailed monthly reports, clear KPIs, and sharp, actionable insights you can take straight to ownership.”

Christina Davis, Senior Director of Media Operations

creative & brand team

beautiful meets on brand

Maintaining brand standards and quality across all your digital marketing touch points is no easy task. Our robust team of designers, copywriters, photo editors and storytellers ensure your website looks great and all your digital market assets, from banner ads to keycards are consistent and, of course, beautiful.”

Stephany Bermudez, Creative Director

onboarding specialists team

stress-free program launch

Launching a new website or media program is something we do every single day. When you sign up for one or more of our programs, over 200 tasks are simultaneously deployed and systematically tracked to ensure your program launches on time. Your onboarding specialist will keep you and your marketing team updated and on task every step of the way.

Shea Mensch, Director of Onboarding

crs support team

revenue managers need friends, too

Your Revenue Manager has more important things to do than loading rate plans and updating room images. Add our expert CRS support team to your marketing program and let your Revenue Manager go home early for a change.”

Mashela Joseph, Lead CRS Strategy Specialist

our team

Oscar Acosta
Senior Graphic Designer
Rachel Artounian
Group Account Strategist
Mekell Barker
Senior Director of Account Service, Hotels
Nicole Barski
Lead Account Executive
Noelani Berkholtz
Director of Sales
Kristin Berlehner
Lead Front End Developer
Stephany Bermudez
Creative Director
Brooke Bertolina
Lead Account Executive
Tambo Pup
Casey Blomberg
Digital Analytics Ops
Paige Bloom
Senior Content Strategist
Victoria Bonsignore
Senior Production Coordinator
Rafael Cardozo
Chief Executive Officer
Ana Castellanos
Lead Account Executive
Mariano Ceballos
Senior Group Art Director
Tambo Pup
Mylien Collins
Director of Strategic Marketing
Tambo Pup
Layne Cote
Account Executive
Valentina Cury
Lead Account Executive
Christina Davis
Senior Director, Media Operations
Shannon DeFries
Director of Digital Optimization
Colleen Delaney
Lead Account Executive
Sebastian Dottor
Group Art Director
Jack Feldman
Fabian Fernandez
Lead Front End Developer
Juan Fernando Castro
Director General
Brian Ferrell
VP of Sales
Tambo Pup
Laura Galindo
Director of Content Marketing
Kristel Garnier
Senior Marketing Strategist
Adriana Garzon
Graphic Designer
Ruben Gonzalez
Production Specialist
Jessica Gutierrez
Front End Developer
Brianna Hishmeh
Lead Account Executive
Tambo Pup
Mashela Joseph
Lead CRS Specialist
Rochenne Sol Kogan
Junior Copywriter
Kiara Kulbinger
Senior Paid Performance Specialist
Tambo Pup
Salma Lawrence
Senior Onboarding Specialist
Danielle Lifshitz
Lead Account Executive
Lauren Manteiga
Paid Performance Specialist
Juan Marentes
Senior Graphic Designer
Maria Massie
Onboarding Pro
Dalia Matari
Lead Account Executive
Tambo Pup
Thomas McDermott
VP of Corporate Marketing
Raisa McDonald
Paid Performance Specialist
Shea Mensch
Director of Onboarding
Diego Monroy
Senior Graphic Designer
Sebastian Niño Gonzalez
Lead Front End Developer
Cheyenne Ami Nix
Graphic Designer
Elizabeth A Orellana
Marketing Coordinator
Leslie Ortiz
Art Director
Raziel Palma
HQ Office Manager
Marcos Parentes
Chief Web Technology
Chelsea Penne
Junior Content Strategist
Brooke Perry
Senior Copywriter
Tambo Pup
Jasmin Prieto
Lead Account Executive
Scott Quintal
Chief Revenue Officer
Daniel Rada
Graphic Designer
John Reed
Technology Operations Specialist
Megan Reeves
Lead Account Executive
Ashley Remington
Front End Developer
Diego Rodriguez
Senior Graphic Designer
Stephen Rosen
Chief Technology Officer
Alejandro Sanchez
Senior Graphic Designer
Jordan Schlanger
Sales Executive
Alyson Sevcik
Tambo Pup
Breno Sisnando
Director of Web Development
Jeff Spaccio
VP of Sales & Strategic Partnerships
Robert Stein
Quality Assurance Manager
Adriana Suao
VP of Account Services
Ilena Syvertsen
Lead Account Executive
Wilmer Torres
Front End Developer
Christian Triana
Group Art Director
Rebecca Tsang
Lead Account Executive
Natalia Urbina
Lead Front End Developer
Brittny Valdez
Group Art Director
David Vasquez
Senior Graphic Designer
Gabriella Villegas
Account Executive
Rachel Walker
Group Account Media Strategist
Annie Wentzell
Senior Photo Editor
Allie White
Onboarding Specialist
Sydney Wilson
Regional Sales Director