Friday Freebie: The First Step In Converting OTA Guests Into Direct Bookings

This week’s freebie: Convert OTA guests into future direct bookings by capturing their email addr

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Friday Freebie: How To Convince Owners To Upgrade Your Hotel Product

This week’s freebie: Build a convincing case for 2017 product upgrades using past guest reviews.

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Friday Freebie: Use Your Past Guests To Outperform New Properties

It’s never easy battling for bookings, especially when you’re surrounded in every direction by exciting new properties that are stealing all the attention and all the dollars. Here’s one easy way to outperform new hotel properties in your market.

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Four Ways To Compete Against New Properties In Your Market

Before you frantically start rolling out flash sales and engaging your neighbors in the WrestleMania of revenue management, take a deep breath and get back to basics with these four ideas.

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Tambourine: Hotel Marketing Technology

Halloween Hotel Marketing Mistakes: Don’t Let These Happen to You!

After 25 years in hotel and tourism marketing, we’ve seen some scary mistakes that will have you shaking at your desk.

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