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thoughtful advice from one DOSM to another.

lori kiel headshot   2022
Lori Kiel

Chief Commercial Officer, The Kessler Collection

Find the Right Partners And Get a Great Traffic Controller

When I took over marketing at Kessler, I decided I would contract out most of our marketing, leaving my in-house team to determine the overall strategy, as well as manage and coordinate our partner’s efforts.

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Franny Manan

Director of Digital Marketing, The Palms Hotel & Spa

How do some marketers get everything they want?

As an independent hotel, we’ve got a great advantage in the marketplace. We’re nimble. We can change directions at a moment’s notice and pivot when we need to pivot—unlike, say, a big brand.

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Chris Breisacher

Founder, CGB Advisory Group

Know where your customers are. Then meet them there.

As a hotel marketer, I can’t create demand. I can’t get people to stay at my hotel if they don’t want to visit our city. That was true before the pandemic. And it’s still true after. The good news is that creating demand is not my job.

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guest editor leon
Leon Bolivar

Marketing Director, Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club

We transformed a two-season hotel into a four-season destination.

There’s no getting around it—Cape Cod is a tough sell in the winter. But, the pandemic forced us to get creative. Really creative.

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Carolyn Hosna

VP of Marketing, White Lodging

Hospitality needs a new kind of marketer.

As marketers, we live inside digital platforms. Our technical acumen must be on-point. Hospitality marketing is a real, technical skill.

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Profile - Derek Brewster
Derek Brewster

Director of Revenue Management, The Lotte New York Palace

We blew up the silos and never looked back.

Those infamous silos. We always hear about them. And we always hear about breaking them down. What needs to happen is a change in culture and that doesn’t need to be scary or painful for the organization. 

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Guest Editor Jim
Jim Monastra

Director of Marketing, Trump International Beach Resort Miami

You’ve got to deal in realities. The market is the market.

As hotel marketers, we have to deal with the realities of the market. I’ll be the first to admit, being a Trump branded hotel in the middle of extreme political polarization and the covid pandemic has not been easy. There’s no need to hide from it or sugar coat it.

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Lynn Mucciano

VP of Sales and Marketing, Humanist Hospitality

Experience is the new commodity.

Whatever feelings you might have about Instagram, the smartphone explosion, or your friends that take pictures of everything, one thing is clear: people crave experiences.

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