Put your property in the circle of trust

Tambourine is transforming e-commerce for hotels and resorts.

We’re proud to be an instrumental partner for serious hoteliers, hotel management and asset management firms seeking to outperform their compset, improve bottom line profitability and decrease OTA-dependence.

We deliver an all-inclusive managed service program that ensures maximum traffic and conversions across all digital channels. Our team utilizes our own best-in-class technology to empower your property… giving you the confidence and ability to achieve your ownership’s revenue goals.

What makes us different?

  • No contracts

    If we aren’t performing, you can leave at any time! 
  • Fixed cost

    Our flat-fee, all-inclusive monthly program makes budgeting easy
  • Stunning design

    Consistently spectacular across all channels
  • Upfront ROI Projections

    We’re not afraid to put it in writing
  • Reduce stress

    Why use 5 different vendors? 
    Consolidate with us and hold us accountable
  • Measurable

    Full ROI reports and analysis

Our Team

Alejandro Sanchez
Senior Graphic Designer
 Alejandro Sanchez Headshot
Abigail Arnold
Social Copywriter
Abigail Arnold Headshot
Adriana Suao
VP of Account Services
Adriana Suao Headshot
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Headshot
Alexander Ortiz
Front End Developer
Alexander Ortiz Headshot
Allan Vela
SEO Specialist
Allan Vela  Headshot
Allie Thieneman
Systems Integration Assistant
Allie Thieneman  Headshot
Alyson Sevcik
Alyson Sevcik Headshot
Amee Dominguez
Social Media Specialist
Amee Dominguez Headshot
Ana Leon
Lead Account Executive
Ana Leon Headshot
Angelica Borda
Systems Integrator Assistant
Angelica Borda Headshot
Anna Serres
CRS Specialist
Anna Serres Headshot
Annie Wentzell
Photo Editor
Annie Wentzell  Headshot
Anthony Ortiz
SEO Specialist
Anthony Ortiz Headshot
Ashley Remington
Front End Developer
Ashley Remington Headshot
Tambo Pup
Bijoux Headshot
Breno Sisnando
Director of Web Development
Breno Sisnando Headshot
Brian Ferrell
VP of Sales
Brian Ferrell Headshot
Brittny Valdez
Senior Graphic Designer
Brittny Valdez Headshot
Brooke Perry
Chief Copywriter
Brooke Perry  Headshot
Camilo Rivera
Front End Developer
Camilo Rivera Headshot
Casey Blomberg
Paid Performance Intern
Casey Blomberg Headshot
Catherine Bethman
Account Executive
Catherine Bethman Headshot
Cheyenne Ami Nix
Graphic Designer
Cheyenne Ami Nix Headshot
Chris Rodman
Director of Performance
Chris Rodman  Headshot
Christian Triana
Art Director
Christian Triana Headshot
Christina Davis
Director of Systems Integration
Christina Davis Headshot
Colleen Delaney
Lead Account Executive
Colleen Delaney Headshot
Dalia Matari
Account Executive
Dalia Matari Headshot
Dana Pellman
Graphic Designer
Dana Pellman Headshot
Daniel Rada
Graphic Designer
Daniel Rada Headshot
Danielle Lifshitz
Account Executive
Danielle Lifshitz Headshot
Darren Thomas
Paid Performance Specialist
Darren Thomas Headshot
Dave Spector
Dave Spector Headshot
David Vasquez
Senior Graphic Designer
David Vasquez Headshot
Deri Cleland
PPC Specialist
Deri Cleland Headshot
Diego Cortes
Back End Developer
Diego Cortes Headshot
Diego Monroy
Senior Graphic Designer
Diego Monroy Headshot
Diego Rodriguez
Graphic Designer
Diego Rodriguez Headshot
Dylan Quintal
Production Coordinator
Dylan Quintal Headshot
Elise Therien
Account Executive
Elise Therien Headshot
Elitze Matheus
Reputation Management Specialist
Elitze Matheus Headshot
Elizabeth Orellana
Account Executive
Elizabeth Orellana Headshot
Fernanda De Oliveira
SEO Specialist
Fernanda De Oliveira Headshot
Fernando Chavez
Senior Graphic Designer
Fernando Chavez Headshot
Fernando Gomez
Front End Developer
Fernando Gomez Headshot
Tambo Pup
Fin Headshot
Gabriella Villegas
Account Executive
Gabriella Villegas Headshot
Gabrielle Andress
Director of Social Media
Gabrielle Andress  Headshot
Gina Giles
Systems Integrator
Gina Giles Headshot
Ilena Syvertsen
Lead Account Executive
Ilena Syvertsen Headshot
Jackie Irving
Jackie Irving Headshot
Jasmin Prieto
Lead Account Executive
Jasmin Prieto Headshot
Jeff Spaccio
VP of Sales & Strategic Partnerships
Jeff Spaccio  Headshot
Jenna Dousi
Jenna Dousi Headshot
Jessica Gutierrez
Front End Developer
Jessica Gutierrez Headshot
Johanna Poveda
Media Accountant
Johanna Poveda Headshot
John Reed
Technology Operations Specialist
John Reed Headshot
John Rodriguez
Senior Graphic Designer
John Rodriguez Headshot
Jonathan Tellex
Marketing Manager
Jonathan Tellex Headshot
Jordan Schlanger
Lead Account Executive
Jordan Schlanger Headshot
Juan Castro
Dir. of Account Services
Juan Castro Headshot
Juan Marentes
Senior Production Leader
Juan Marentes  Headshot
Juliana Sanchez
Lead Account Executive
Juliana Sanchez Headshot
Karen Hernandez
Graphic Designer
Karen Hernandez  Headshot
Kelly Liszt
Senior Copywriter
Kelly Liszt Headshot
Kenneth Dalrymple
Kenneth Dalrymple Headshot
Kevin Wiggan
SEO Manager
Kevin Wiggan Headshot
Kristel Garnier
Lead Account Executive
Kristel Garnier Headshot
Kristin Berlehner
Sr Front End Developer
Kristin Berlehner Headshot
Tambo Pup
Lanie Headshot
Laura Galindo
Sr Social Media Content Strategist
Laura Galindo Headshot
Lenox Almonacid
Front End Developer
Lenox Almonacid Headshot
Leryl Joseph
Social Copywriter
Leryl Joseph Headshot
Leslie Ortiz
Senior Graphic Designer
Leslie Ortiz Headshot
Madison Albamonte
Paid Performance Specialist
Madison Albamonte Headshot
Marcos Parentes
Web Developer
Marcos Parentes Headshot
Maria Massie
Account Executive
Maria Massie Headshot
Mariano Ceballos
Group Art Director
Mariano Ceballos Headshot
Mashela Joseph
CRS Specialist
Mashela Joseph  Headshot
Matt Mader
Paid Performance Manager
Matt Mader Headshot
Tambo Pup
Maverick Headshot
Megan Ahearn
Social Copywriter
Megan Ahearn Headshot
Mekell Barker
Director of Account Service, Hotels
Mekell Barker Headshot
Melissa Moreno
Paid Performance Manager
Melissa Moreno Headshot
Melissa Ritacco
Administrative Assistant
Melissa Ritacco Headshot
Miriam Barron
CRS Specialist
Miriam Barron Headshot
Monica Lewinger
Lead Account Executive
Monica Lewinger Headshot
Natalia Urbina
Lead Front End Developer
Natalia Urbina Headshot
Nathaly Lamas
AdOps Specialist
Nathaly Lamas  Headshot
Nelson Herrera
Paid Performance Specialist
Nelson Herrera Headshot
Nicole Barski
Lead Account Executive
Nicole Barski Headshot
Noelani Berkholtz
Director of Distribution and CRS Strategies
Noelani Berkholtz Headshot
Oscar Acosta
Senior Graphic Designer
Oscar Acosta Headshot
Oscar Rivera
Front End Developer
Oscar Rivera Headshot
Paige Bloom
Social Media Content Strategist
Paige Bloom Headshot
Pamela Peralta
Senior Graphic Designer
Pamela Peralta Headshot
Perry Sheldon
Paid Performance Specialist
Perry Sheldon Headshot
Rachel Artounian
Group Account Strategist
Rachel Artounian Headshot
Rachel Walker
Lead Account Executive
Rachel Walker Headshot
Rafael Cardozo
Rafael Cardozo Headshot
Raisa McDonald
Paid Performance Specialist
Raisa McDonald  Headshot
Tambo Pup
Rally Headshot
Rebecca Tsang
Account Executive
Rebecca Tsang Headshot
Robert Stein
QA Specialist
Robert Stein Headshot
Rochenne Sol Kogan
Social Copywriter
Rochenne Sol Kogan Headshot
Roque Rodon
Senior Digital Analytics Manager
Roque Rodon Headshot
Ruben Gonzalez
Web Production Designer
Ruben Gonzalez Headshot
Salma Lawrence
Systems Integration Specialist
Salma Lawrence Headshot
Sarah Saunders
Systems Integration Specialist
Sarah Saunders Headshot
Scott Quintal
Chief Revenue Officer
Scott Quintal Headshot
Sean Cornilliac
SEO Manager
Sean Cornilliac Headshot
Sebastian Dottor
Art Director
Sebastian Dottor Headshot
Sebastian Nino
Front End Developer
Sebastian Nino  Headshot
Tambo Pup
Shakira Headshot
Shannon DeFries
Director of Digital Strategy and Optimization
Shannon DeFries Headshot
Shea Mensch
Senior Systems Integrator
Shea Mensch Headshot
Sierra Smith
Account Executive
Sierra Smith Headshot
SP and Penelope
Tambo Pup
SP and Penelope Headshot
Stephanie Sosa
Lead Account Executive
Stephanie Sosa Headshot
Stephany Bermudez
Creative Director
Stephany Bermudez Headshot
Stephany Lamas
Account Executive
Stephany Lamas Headshot
Stephen Rosen
Stephen Rosen Headshot
Tambo Pup
Sugar Headshot
Sydney Wallace
Senior Graphic Designer
Sydney Wallace Headshot
Sydney Wilson
Regional Sales Director
Sydney Wilson Headshot
Tara Vozzola
Lead Account Executive
Tara Vozzola Headshot
Taylor Nortman
Social Media Copywriter
Taylor Nortman Headshot
Taylor Shumate
Lead Account Executive
Taylor Shumate Headshot
Thomas McDermott
Director of Content Marketing
Thomas McDermott Headshot
Tiffany Francis
Employee Success Manager
Tiffany Francis  Headshot
Todd Latter
Media Manager
Todd Latter Headshot
Valentene Zunno
Sr. Accountant
Valentene Zunno Headshot
Valentina Cury
Account Executive
Valentina Cury Headshot
Victoria Bonsignore
Production Coordinator
Victoria Bonsignore Headshot
Wade Lindquist
VP of Sales
Wade Lindquist Headshot
Whitney Ranger
Account Executive
Whitney Ranger  Headshot
Wilmer Torres
Senior Graphic Designer
Wilmer Torres  Headshot
Yasmin Sinno
Account Executive
Yasmin Sinno Headshot

Board of Advisors

Tammy Farley

President at
The Rainmaker Group

Jeff Hiscox

Chief Executive Officer
at Uniguest, Inc.



We partner with DerbySoft to participate on metasearch sites like Kayak, Google, TripAdvisor and Trivago


We partner with HSMAI to enhance the knowledge of hotel sales, marketing and revenue professionals worldwide