Want to increase direct bookings? Share the knowledge.

Want to increase direct bookings? Share the knowledge.

Today we are talking about how to persuade consumers to book direct.

Let’s think like a consumer for a moment.

“I want the best rate possible plus a reliable and easy booking experience.” -Consumers

Does the typical consumer know or even care about rate parity?


How about direct booking benefits?

Probably not.

What metasearch is?

There are a few hoteliers who still don’t know how metasearch works.

As hotel marketers, we can mistakenly assume consumers know what we know.

Not only do we assume they know the difference between booking direct and booking with the OTAs, but we assume they know what booking direct is at all.

The reality is…

They don’t.

Let’s stop assuming.

It’s up to us. Or more accurately, it’s up to your hotel website to educate and persuade to win that direct booking.

Share the knowledge.

Where, how, and when do you educate the consumer on the benefits of booking direct?

And be honest.

Are there benefits?

Is it truly easier to book direct?

Does the consumer get more? More perks? More flexible cancellations?

If so, tell them about it.

Shout it from the rooftops.

And say it in a way they’ll understand.

“Did you know that when you book here through the hotel website, you get free parking, easier cancellation, and discounts at breakfast?”

We can’t blame consumers for booking where they are comfortable.

It’s our job as hotel marketers to close that gap, to give them a reason to consider booking direct.

It’s our job to communicate.

And sometimes over-communicate the benefits.

Flash Back !

Pretend you’re a customer. Go through the exercise of booking through your hotel website. Does your website create a compelling case to book direct?