the reality of your hotel audience

The reality of your hotel audience.

Today, we’re talking about…
The importance of knowing your true audience.

You originally built your hotel, and website, with a specific audience in mind.

Detailed target demographic data formed the basis for everything. The designs, the image selection, the media campaigns, all of it.

But that was years ago.

Are the demographics still what you think they are?

In other words,

Who’s actually visiting your website and booking those stays?

How does the reality of your audience hold up?

Are ages shifting? Does it skew younger now? Older?

How might some of those demo shifts impact your current website design?

Are you representing that shift in your home page imagery or your galleries?

How about social media?

You build social content to appeal to your social media audience, but are the people who engage with your social media content the same people who are visiting your website and booking stays?

If not, what does that tell you about your marketing efforts?

Are they aligned? Are you spending time, money and resources in the wrong places?

Audience matters.

The industry has great tools (like Google Analytics) designed just for you to understand your audience, so you can make data-based decisions.

Once you know who’s actually visiting your website.

More importantly—once you know who’s actually booking those stays...

You can look for more places where that audience hangs out.

Or feel completely confident eliminating places where they don’t.

Understanding your audience gives you confidence to make tough marketing decisions.

And don’t worry if that data points you in a new direction. That means there's more opportunity out there. And that’s always a good thing.

Flash Back !

When was the last time you did a deep dive on your website demographics?