Today, we’re talking about…
Incorporating your brand’s visual identity into your social media content.

You’ve done an amazing job…

Creating your hotel website.

A truly amazing job…

Designing logos, hand selecting fonts and photographs, slaving over color palettes and patterns.

All the ingredients you need

to create a beautiful and consistent visual identity.

But when it comes to your social media channels.

Do you give them the same time and attention?


Are the photographs a little bit of this and a little bit of that?

Is the story

all over the map? Like the colors and the tones.

It’s not easy. Is it?

Curating and hand selecting and slaving over images day after day.

It’s hard enough

writing the captions and sourcing the images. Who has time to make it beautiful and on brand, too?

But what about the travelers who use social media first?

Are they seeing a lesser version of your perfectly cultivated brand?

Social media ought to be an extension of your brand story.

Not an afterthought.

Another place where your hotel gets discovered.

For the first time.

No different than your website.

So why not put your best foot forward?

Like this property

See how they incorporated all the same colors, images, and fonts from their website (right) into their social media feed (left).

And this property.

See how they brought in patterns and textures from their website design to maintain a modern look and feel.

And this property, too.

See how they maintained an editorial, luxury vibe by incorporating lots of beautiful white space.

You’ve spent a lot of time and money creating your brand’s visual identity.

Protect it.

Flash back!

Compare the visuals behind your hotel social media with your competitors. If you were a traveler deciding between them, where would you book?

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