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The Latest Hotel Marketing Innovations from Google Marketing Live

Today we are going to discuss…

Key takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2023.

If you’d like to check out the full 2 hour version, you can watch it here. If you prefer a quick, two minute recap, keep reading. 

The search engine experience will evolve
Google Search will take a leap forward with conversational experience and AI-driven results. The results will still include paid and organic links, but AI-driven results will be prominently featured as well, which means the overall search engine results page will look and feel different. Check out some screenshots below. 

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Supercharge Google Search Ads with the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. 
Generative AI will create ads based on your landing page content. It will do everything for you, including choose effective keywords, headlines, descriptions and select images, all based on the landing page content. 

Uncover new pockets of travel demand with Performance Max Travel
Generative AI will serve your ads to consumers wherever they are. Target consumers with intent to travel, build one ad and then release it across all of Google’s products and channels. See screenshot below. You can also display rates and availability directly in your ad. 

Use AI to create YouTube Ads with your existing assets. 
People are watching more types of videos on multiple screens and keeping up with the video production is expensive and time-consuming. Google AI-powered tools will help you create content using existing (even poor quality) assets to help generate horizontal, square, or vertical video ads so that you can reach and increase brand awareness. 


Don’t Forget To Migrate to Google Analytics 4
A big reminder from the team at Google is that one of the benefits of GA4 is its unique ability to leverage machine learning as well as the user engagement on your hotel website to help you uncover insights to improve campaign performance. Read more on how Tambourine future proofed Symphony Hotel marketing Platform with GA4.

Flash Back !

Some of these new features are available today and other innovations will become available later this year. If you’re a Tambourine customer, contact your account service team to learn more.