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Tambourine Future Proofs Symphony Hotel Marketing Platform With GA4

Tambourine Future Proofs Symphony Hotel Marketing Platform With GA4

March 13, 2023

Tambourine, the Fort Lauderdale-headquartered digital marketing technology company serving hotels, resorts, and tourism destinations worldwide, announced the completion of its Google Analytics 4 upgrade to its flagship product, The Symphony Hotel Marketing Platform.

In 2020, Google announced that all websites worldwide would need to upgrade to its latest analytics platform, Google Analytics 4. Tambourine has completed the upgrade to over 1,000 hotel, restaurant, and destination website clients, well before Google’s cutoff date of July 1, 2023. 

“GA4 is here. I’m proud to say that all of our hotels have been fully upgraded with no disruption to their marketing program,” said Christina Davis, VP of Media and Analytics, Tambourine. “Our team has been working behind the scenes for a better part of a year on this upgrade.”

“GA4 enables brands to measure and influence a more holistic user journey, one that is increasingly fragmented, competitive, and volatile,” said Jamie Blomquist, Head of Agency, Google Customer Solutions. “Brands that are disciplined in their measurement and thoughtful with their insights will have a leg up in terms of media performance, investment allocation, and business outcomes.”

This is not the first time Tambourine has upgraded its technology to protect clients in the face of major technology shifts. 

“Our clients’ websites are always being upgraded behind the scenes. That’s what makes a Tambourine website so special,” said Mekell Barker, SVP of Account Service, Tambourine. “GA4 is just another tech shift, no different than GDPR and ADA accessibility. These are new realities. Our clients expect us, as their marketing partner, to be ahead of these changes, to have answers—good answers—and to ultimately protect them.”

With the upgrade to the latest Google Analytics, Tambourine understands that many of its clients and partners will need additional training on the platform. That’s why Tambourine will be rolling out a GA4 training academy.

“Many of our clients have a lifetime of experience working in Google Analytics. For them, GA4 feels a little like starting over. We want to do what we can to make sure they feel comfortable working inside of this new technology,” said Christina Davis. 

Google Analytics 4 training will consist of live demonstrations and recorded workshops. 

About Tambourine

Tambourine continues to shake up the hospitality industry with custom-integrated marketing solutions for hotels, resorts, and destinations worldwide. The company’s emergence as the market leader for both branded and independent hotels is a testament to its core values: putting customer service center stage, setting the standards for hotel website design, and making performance digital marketing easier and more profitable for its valued partners.

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