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Does your hotel’s Instagram grid inspire?

Previously we discussed how to tell if your hotel gallery is helping or hurting your hotel business.

But what about your Instagram feed?

What are Instagram users looking for when they search different hotel profiles? 


Inspiration to book their next getaway at your property.

So, how do you provide inspiration through an Instagram grid?

Showcase the full experience.

While your daily happy hour specials may be delicious, posting your menu won’t exactly inspire someone to book now (also, they’ll miss out on the special). 

But what is compelling is a grid that gives a glimpse of what a trip to your property will look like. 

If you aim to inspire, your grid will offer users a more dynamic representation of your hotel. 

Because each property is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to showcase branding on Instagram. Let’s check out a few examples of unique approaches that strategically align with different branding personalities.

Postcard Inn St. Petersburg

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Lifestyle Approach: At first glance, this Postcard Inn feed resembles the feed of a travel influencer. Instead of focusing on showcasing beautiful rooms and amenities, this feed gives potential guests a taste of what their personal feeds could look like during their stay at the hotel. The bright colors and fun images showcase a happy, energetic personality.

The Olive Ann Hotel

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Education Approach: Named after aviation pioneer Olive Ann Beech, The Olive Ann Hotel highlights the Grand Fork’s aviation history while also projecting a sense of timeless grace and elegance. This feed sets a standard for sophistication and elegance, which aligns with their brand personality.

The Pierre New York


Cultural Approach: The Pierre New York’s Instagram feed approach highlights New York’s Upper East Side socialite culture. Mixed in with photos of beautiful hotel scenery are pictures of vibrant events and elegant celebrities, both past and present, letting you know that staying at The Pierre means rubbing elbows with the elite. 

Your hotel’s Instagram grid is much more than just a place to showcase pictures. It is one of many tools to help you market your property, each one working together to help you tell a complete brand story.