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Is your hotel gallery helping or hurting?

Did you know that the gallery page on your hotel website is consistently one of the most visited pages? 

It makes sense. A quick scan of the gallery is the fasted way to get a sense of the guest experience. 

Images have the power to inspire and inform, which means your gallery page serves a critical function in the buyer journey. 

But are your galleries helping or hurting? 

Take a look at this sample gallery from Expedia.

a collage of a house

From an information standpoint, the gallery is doing its job.
Plenty of rooms and bathrooms are featured.

But from an inspirational standpoint, this gallery leaves much to be desired.
Photos are uploaded with no rhyme or reason. No life, no people, no sense of place.  

The gallery page on your hotel website has the opportunity to do so much more.
It has the power to not only inform but inspire. 

For example, take a look at the gallery page on Spice Island Beach Resort.

a collage of pictures of a man and a woman

It's not just selling the rooms and bathrooms, it's selling the overall experience. 

The gallery is full of lifestyle, architectural, and detail shots, with a few stock photos here and there. 

But the overall effect is a property that's full of life and warmth. 

Let’s look at a few other examples. Here is Drift Hotel's gallery...
a collage of pictures of a person and a sea animal

And Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown's gallery...

a collage of pictures of different rooms

And the Origin Hotel in Austin's gallery...
a collage of pictures of a person and a dog

As one of the top visited pages on your hotel website...

Your image gallery isn't just a photo repository for all your images, its job is to continue to sell the guest experience.