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Rachel Artounian Promoted to Director of Account Service at Tambourine

Rachel Artounian Promoted to Director of Account Service at Tambourine

November 16, 2022

Tambourine, the Fort Lauderdale-headquartered digital marketing technology company serving hotels, resorts, and tourism destinations worldwide, is happy to announce the promotion of Rachel Artounian to Director of Account Service. 

In the role, Artounian oversees client relationships, performance, and strategy. She optimizes and implements processes and procedures for the Account Service department and supervises Tambourine’s email marketing team.

“Tambourine is a hotel marketing firm that puts its clients at the forefront,” said Mekell Barker, VP of Account Service, Tambourine. “Rachel’s experience with client relations and her hotel marketing expertise will continue to help shape the development of the Account Service department for future growth.”

Artounian is a certified hospitality digital marketer (CHDM) and has been with Tambourine for eight years. 

About Tambourine
Tambourine continues to shake up the hospitality industry with custom-integrated marketing solutions for hotels, resorts, and destinations worldwide. The company’s emergence as the market leader for both branded and independent hotels is a testament to its core values: putting customer service center stage, setting the standards for hotel website design, and making performance digital marketing easier and more profitable for its valued partners.

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