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CCPA is the California Consumer Privacy Act taking effect Jan. 1, 2020. Similar to the EU's GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) back in 2018, the CCPA grants Californians substantial new rights related to the use of their personal information - and levies big fines on those who fail to comply.  CCPA affects “covered businesses” that “do business” in California. See the criteria below to determine if you’re on the hook.

  • My property generates $25 million in annual gross revenue .
  • My property collects the personal data of more than 50,000 consumers annually via website, booking engine, front desk, WiFi log-in, etc.
  • My property sells or discloses the personal data it collects to 3rd parties.

Get square with your legal team

Discuss your exposure and determine what operational changes are required to be CCPA-compliant. (Hint: Start by reviewing and updating your Privacy Policy to include language that your property DOES NOT SELL DATA TO 3RD PARTIES.)


Cue your Tambo team to update your site

  • Implement an updated Privacy Policy on your site.
  • Add a “DO NOT SELL MY DATA” link in the website footer of your site.
  • Look like a rock star by taking a proactive approach to protecting your customers’ privacy.

Have questions
or concerns?

Contact your Tambourine Account Executive team and visit these resources below to learn more about CCPA.