What's new with Google’s Property Promotion Ads?

Today we are talking about…

Google’s updated Property Promotion Ads.

So what’s new?
Google has changed the format and placement of its Property Promotion Ads. Take a look below.


See anything different? 
The sponsored ads now appear in a carousel above the search results in Google Travel. Once a user clicks on a sponsored ad via the carousel, they will be sent directly to the advertiser's site. 

Unfamiliar with Property Promotion Ads?
These ads are probably best described as non-brand metasearch ads. Unlike branded metasearch ads which turn up when you search the name of your property, these non-brand metasearch ads turn up when travelers search for hotels in a particular city. 

Will we see better results from this new placement? 
Great question. With the launch of this new placement, an increase in clicks and conversions may be observed with higher visibility from the sponsored carousel. If you are actively running this campaign, monitor performance closely. 

Flash Back !

Have you dialed in your metasearch strategy to include Property Promotion Ads?