Wake Up Call: 14 Interesting Stats About Hotel Sales & Marketing Compensation

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How much do quality hotel sales and marketing pros cost?

High performing sales and marketing execs can make or break a hotel’s profitability. But keeping up with industry trends can be tough. As a hotel executive, your focus is on your property. You can hardly walk across the lobby without finding another item to add to your to-do list.

You have that big wedding checking in on Friday.

Your occupancy is unusually low next month.

And your best sales manager just put in a notice.

You’d like to look out the window to see what’s happening out there. But you don’t have time to gather market research.

We know how busy you are. So, we pulled together some statistics on current salary trends. Knowing what other hotels pay will help you keep your best employees, lower your turnover rates, and save you time.

  1. The average base salary for a Sales Manager in the U.S. is  $43,468.
  2. The average base compensation for a GM is $59,250 (up 6%+ over the last 12 months)
  3. In the UK, the average Marketing Manager makes £30,000 ($48,500) per year.
  4. The average sales manager makes up to $10,000 in bonuses and $14,600 in commissions.
  5. In New York, sales manager base salaries are about 44% higher.
  6. Other major cities, such as Houston, Washington D.C. and Boston, pay their sales managers 19%-25% more than the national average.
  7. For most Sales and Marketing managers, their next promotion is to Director of Sales and Marketing.
  8. The average Director of Sales and Marketing salary in the U.S. is $50,442.
  9. Bonuses for a Director are often $15,000 or more depending on performance.
  10. The most common career move for a Director of Sales and Marketing is to Hotel General Manager… about 34% take this step.
  11. In larger cities, we see a major increase in Director salaries. New York and San Francisco salaries are 81% and 73% (respectively) higher than the national average.
  12. Meanwhile, the average British Sales Manager salary ranges between £14,000 and £20,000. ($22,700-$32,500.)
  13. As in the United States, big city managers make more. London sales managers earn about £2,000 ($3250) more than their smaller city counterparts do.
  14. Finally, if you want to compare your numbers with the other side of the world, you can. An average Sales Manager in Shanghai makes ¥200,000-250,000 ($32,600-$40,725). While a Sales and Marketing Manager in Shanghai can make up to ¥500,000 ($81,450).

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