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Unlocking the power of Microsoft Ads

Today we are talking about…

Microsoft Ads.

You might be thinking, “I already have a Google Ads campaign strategy. Do I need one for Microsoft Ads too?”

The answer is yes! 

Microsoft has 46 million desktop searches not reached by Google and accounts for 38% of the desktop search market.

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It’s another tool to boost your marketing efforts outside of Google and Meta.

Here are four perks you’ll find when using Microsoft Ads…

There is less competition.

Which means better ad placement positions and a lower cost per click/acquisition rate. 

It’s more cost-effective.

A smaller pool of advertisers bidding on keywords means spending less time in bidding wars and more time refining your target audience.

Microsoft gives you access to a unique audience.

Microsoft partners with various syndication partners, including Yahoo, AOL, and MSN. By advertising on Microsoft Ads, hotels can extend their reach beyond the Bing search engine to their partner sites.

So why should you use Microsoft Ads to advertise your hotel?

By incorporating Microsoft Ads into marketing strategies, hotels can expand their reach, optimize their budget, and connect with a broader audience, ultimately driving increased bookings and revenue.

Flash Back !

Are you currently using Microsoft Ads, formerly Bing Ads?