Two Proven Direct Booking Incentives

Here are two direct booking tactics that have proven to provide value to guests.

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Each week we share one impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and more revenue. 

This week’s freebie: A successful direct booking strategy hinges on one major principle: Hotels need to create perceived value to stimulate bookings.

We’ve all seen the traction direct booking initiatives have made in the past few years. While it may take more to see a major shift in consumer behavior when booking direct versus a third-party site, we asked ourselves: What’s working now?

We scoured our diverse client portfolio to find several incentives that actually motivate guests to book direct.

Here are two direct booking tactics that provide a perceived high value, while also being cost-effective (aka FREE):


Rather than showcasing discounts, upgrades and free amenities, some sophisticated hotel marketers are choosing to remind customers of the dangers of reserving through third-party websites. This tactic can be extremely effective, especially among senior travelers, who already see booking via OTAs as a risky measure.

Remind guests that your entire staff (both on property and call centers) is dedicated to making their stay a remarkable one. OTAs on the other hand, are marketing hundreds of thousands of properties at the same time and defiantly offer little help or flexibility to their customers.

2. Enhanced On-Property Experiences

Sure, OTAs have massive marketing budgets, worldwide staff, and aggressive tactics. But, only you manage your physical property.

Therefore, consider what your hotel can offer that OTAs cannot, such as room upgrades, late checkouts, and spa and dining discounts. These are powerful differentiators that you should capitalize upon as benefits that only come when booking direct. No need to reinvent the wheel. Simply market your existing perks on all of your marketing channels and further emphasize that these are exclusive to booking directly through your website or call center. 

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