Top 10 Awesome Hotel Email Marketing Secrets (Part two)

Last week, we covered setting up and building your list. This week we share some of the best techniques to getting your emails opened and read.

1 thought on “Top 10 Awesome Hotel Email Marketing Secrets (Part two)

  1. Thanks for your article, Joe.

    I completely agree that it is important (and very easy) to make a mass email seem less informal by including the information about the audience or reason for the email in the communication. With several email programs, such as MailChimp, the recipient’s name for can also be included in the subject line or content if desired, though depending on the audience there is such a thing as getting too personal, a la Starbucks.

    On another note, direct subject lines are key as mentioned, though I don’t agree with your point about including a question in the subject line. Improperly asked questions can generate negative thoughts in the minds of potential guests and can also trigger the email to be regarded as spam. I recommend testing at least two different subject lines through your email marketing program and let the system send the bulk of the emails to the one with the highest test open rate.


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