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Email automation strategies. 

The gift of automation

Email is one of the few digital marketing tools that delivers on the promise of automation. Hotels reap the benefits of email automation technology every single day. Think about it. The booking confirmation, pre-stay and post stay emails were set up one time and are delivered like clockwork. All that hard work—automated. But when it comes to implementing other powerful email automations, hotels remain largely idle. 

Here are three powerful email automations that are easy to implement. 

Nurturing Emails

What happens when a meeting planner fills out an RFP form? Typically, that planner waits to be contacted by a sales manager. But a lot can happen between that planner filling out the form and closing the deal. Nurturing campaigns help fill the gap. Hotels can have a series of marketing emails that drip out during that sales process, giving that planner additional information and inspiration to keep them warm. This provides your sales team with some air cover if prospects go dark. Best of all, you set it up once, and let it do its job. 

Reservation Recovery

Reservation recovery is a no-brainer. If a potential booker exits the booking environment after they’ve entered their email address, reservation recovery snags that email address and sends them a follow up email automatically. This is where you can leverage special offers to entice them back. A simple one-time setup that consistently drives ROI month after month. 

Multi-Email Scheduled Deployment

Most CRMs let hoteliers schedule multiple email deployments, but few hotels leverage this simple piece of tech. Let’s say that first email goes out and you’ve got a 30% open rate. That means 70% of users didn’t ever open that email. Change the subject line and schedule a second email automatically to that 70% who didn’t open the first time. No sense changing the creative when they never saw it the first time. Again, this simple automation can be done in seconds and offers hotels a powerful second deployment. 

Flash back!

Are you leveraging any of these powerful marketing automations for your hotel? 

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