Flash Report: Most Read Articles of 2022

Our Top 5 Hotel Marketing Flash Reports of 2022

As another year comes to a close, we hope Tambourine’s Flash Reports sparked a new way of thinking or brought a new marketing concept to light. Here are the five most read Flash Report articles of 2022. 

1. Hotel Photography Guide

Hotel Photography Guide

Hotel photography plays a major role in establishing credibility for travelers in the planning phase. So it makes sense that it takes a lot of time and attention to detail to create beautiful assets. We pulled together some tips and tricks on how to navigate the many, many types of hotel photography.

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2. How many couples are engaged in your local market?

how many couples are engaged

City by city. State by state. Region by Region. The data inside Facebook and Instagram tells a fascinating story about wedding demand in your market.

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3. How much are you really saving with metasearch advertising?

how much are you really saving with metasearch advertising

Let us show you how metasearch advertising will save you money.

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4. The reality of your hotel audience.

the reality of your hotel audience

You originally built your hotel, and website, with a specific audience in mind. Are the demographics still what you think they are?

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5. Is marketing giving your hotel sales team MQLs or SQLs?

is marketing giving your hotel sales team mqls or sqls

Every lead is a good lead. But... let’s be honest. Some leads are better than others. Let’s discuss the difference between Marketing Qualified and Sales Qualified Leads.

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