Thanks Dad: 6 Hotel Marketing Lessons for Father’s Day

Pops knew what he was talking about!

Our dear old dads.

We tired him out. We emptied his bank accounts.

We feared him, admired him and made his hair go grey.

Our moms may get all the credit for timeless life lessons, but we think that fathers should get their due credit for their own witty and wise insights!

Since it’s Father’s Day, we looked back to one of our most popular blog posts of last year – highlighting our favorite ‘dad-isms’ and finding that pops knew what he was talking about!

Here is some sage marketing advice hidden behind some of dad’s most common expressions:

1. Dad: “Who cares what those other people think?”
Hidden Hotel Marketing Advice:

No matter how hard you try, you can’t win over everyone. Your hotel attracts certain types of visitors, so don’t cloud your marketing efforts with messages that try to attract the masses.

Narrow down your real target customer and tailor all of your marketing campaigns to them. If your guests are made up of millennials hungry for local experiences, then build your marketing around that, not on the family-friendly attractions or business amenities in the area. First, build specific buyer profiles down to age groups, lifestyle characteristics, etc., and share with your entire marketing team so everyone knows who they should be talking to.

2. Dad: “They don’t make them like they used to…”
Hidden Hotel Marketing Advice:

Hotel marketing today resembles nothing like the marketing of yesterday. Back then, you could count all the ways to market to hotel guests using just the fingers on one hand (travel agency posters anyone?) and could easily predict where your next guest would find you. As tempting as it is, don’t wallow in nostalgia for the simpler times of hotel marketing. Instead, designate one or two people on your marketing team to keep up on all the hotel internet marketing tools and trends that are rapidly being introduced into the marketplace today.

3. Dad: “Stop crying. You’re not bleeding.”
Hidden Hotel Marketing Advice:

Man up, kid.

Sometimes you get hit with awful reviews. Sometimes you check in dreadful guests. Sometimes the marketing ideas you put all of your creativity and resources in fails miserably.

Instead of crying over spilled milk, remember that the most brilliant and successful of hotel marketers are the ones who continue to try new ideas and take risks. If you’re not making any mistakes, that probably means you are still doing the same thing you did last year and the year before. Not taking risks or finding new ways to reach your guests will make your marketing stale and crummy. And, that’s something to cry about.

4. Dad: “You’ve got to work for it.”
Hidden Hotel Marketing Advice:

Don’t expect to reap large rewards from small marketing tweaks. Wish you had more direct bookings coming from your hotel’s booking engine? Disappointed you don’t have more corporate accounts? Then, you need to work for it. Don’t expect that once you build it, they will come. Prepare to put in effort, investment and people to get your desired ROI from marketing campaigns. Determine your top marketing goals and put your concentration there.

5. Dad: “Will you kids please shut up for once?”
Hidden Hotel Marketing Advice:

Dad wanted you to be a good listener. Similarly, hotel sales and marketing leaders need to be great listeners too. Do you talk to guests and ask what they like and dislike about your property? Do you ask meeting planners what they really need? Smart hotel marketers talk to everyone in their purview with genuine interest and a desire to improve their property’s experience.

6. Dad: “Don’t make me come up there!”
Hidden Hotel Marketing Advice:

Owners want marketing folks who are comfortable being accountable for a measurable impact on revenue. So make sure you have complete fluency with your key metrics. The last thing you want is an unhappy owner or manager telling you they are coming up for a “visit!”

 What lessons did your Dad teach you that have come in handy during your career? Let us know!

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