Are You A Hotel Marketing Groundhog?

It’s a silly holiday, but a helpful symbolic event for many hotel marketers.

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Want More Hotel Revenue? Start Selling Your Destination.

Follow these tips to turn your hotel internet marketing efforts into magnets for experiential travelers.

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The Most Popular Hotel Marketing Blog Posts of Last Year

Want good advice? 
Ask a crowd. The wisdom of crowds is usually accurate. So by taking a look back at our stats from last year’s blog posts, we can measure which topics were most compelling and relevant to hotel marketing folks round the world.

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Recent studies suggest that our friends' social media activity has a growing influence on our travel purchasing behavior.

Recent studies suggest that our friends’ social media activity has a growing influence on our travel purchasing behavior. Seeing friends’ posts/likes on Facebook, reviews on Trip Advisor or pictures on Instagram significantly deepens consumer interest.

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Tambourine: Numbers for Ninjas

Expedia's revenue growth over the same period last year was 24%.

This amazing stat brings up a number of issues for hotel marketers. First, how do your results compare to Expedia’s? Sure they have bigger budgets, deeper resources and global markets, but their primary growth is coming from surging travel demand. Are your sales in sync?

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Why Isn’t Your Hotel on Instagram? 7 reasons to use Instagram

One of the biggest challenges in social media marketing is figuring out how to create engaging content on a limited and sometimes non-existent social media marketing budget. And it’s the same story whether you are a 500 room hotel or a 10 room hotel. So when a free tool like Instagram comes along and levels the playing field in terms of generating on-the-fly, trendy and engaging content, get down on your knees and thank the marketing gods, because a large part of your content woes have just been solved.

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Fantasy Tourism: New Zealand Embraces the Hobbit

New Zealand is putting its pop cultural capital to work with their new marketing campaign, New Zealand: 100% Middle Earth. 100% Pure. Watch it here. As home to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the soon to come Hobbit Films, New Zealand’s new tourism commercial combines fantastical imagery and an overly imaginative history that boasts New Zealand as “A land where giant eagles once guarded the skies,” “Where creatures dwell in ancient caves,” and “Where you can play on mountains protected by gods.” This bold take on destination travel begs a very interesting question: Is there room for fantasy in destination marketing?

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Travel Industry Companies Bow to Gen-Y Demands

Often criticized as spoiled, impatient and most of all entitled, more Millennials are entering the work force, and companies in the travel industry are jumping thru hoops to accommodate their demands with faster promotions, greater responsibilities and more flexible work schedules, much to the annoyance of older coworkers who many times feel they have spent years paying their dues to rise thru the ranks.

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