There are 575 likes on Instagram every second.

March 13, 2013


Despite the photo sharing app’s most recent terms of service uproar after being acquired by Facebook, Instagram made its mark as a major brand building outlet worthy of our time and resources when Nabisco featured the app as the primary Call To Action (CTA) in their Superbowl Commercial. The 3 Second CTA: “Something we can all disagree on: Choose your side on Instagram @Oreo” attracted thousands of new Instagram followers and advocates for the brand within just a few hours time. You can watch the entire Oreo Superbowl Ad here.

Hashtags dominated most Superbowl Ad CTA’s this year, but with 432,000 more daily users than Twitter, Nabisco made an innovative and strategically sound call. PR NEWS DAILY has reported that 575 Comments and 81 Comments are posted by Instagram users every SECOND.

So what can we as travel marketers take away from this? Imagery inspires the desire for Travel! As opposed to Twitter where you tell your story in 140 characters or less, Instagram gives you a thousand words with the ability to upload a kick ass photo and a simple hashtag.

TravelMarketer Action Item: Reverse engineer the way you share your photos. Set up an Instragram account for your brand and link it to their other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can also manage from a social media dashboard like Hootsuite. Crop and upload photos with hashtags in Instagram first, then share on Facebook, Twitter and your other outlets instantly! Be sure to also engage others who are already posting photos of your property or destination by monitoring social activity.