90% of marketers ignore basic data that could easily increase revenue (Part 2)

October 14, 2013

Tambourine: Hotel Marketing

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Continuing our last post: how to use simple data to improve results (without being a math geek)!

Here’s a few immediate steps you can take to leverage your data, increase visitation and drive more revenue:

  1. Who’s calling? Ask your phone provider to make sure the dedicated phone numbers on your website and advertising materials include a report showing the total number of calls… so you can evaluate the contribution of each source to overall inbound phone traffic. You may be surprised how important inbound calls still are to your sales!
  2. Listen in: Companies like LogMyCalls and Marchex now enable you to record inbound calls to your res centers and listen in to monitor the performance of your res center staff.
  3. Monitoring your comp set: Wondering what your comp set is up to? Check out http://mixrank.com/ This cool site scrapes the web to show you (for free!) your competition’s digital marketing placements.
  4. Pinpoint messaging to new guests: Ever wonder how to reach people who visit the attraction down the street or eat at that hot Italian restaurant nearby? Facebook has given us a free way to do exactly that! Go to the search bar in Facebook and type: “People who like INSERT PAGE NAME. This will reveal potential guests with a predisposition to your neighborhood. Then, its easy to target them via Facebook ads.
  5. Watch your bounce rate: your website stats report includes a measurement called: “bounce rate,” which is simply the percentage of traffic that visits one page (usually your home page) on your site, then leaves, or “bounces.” Anything over 25% is sub-optimal. And usually means A) you’re not attracting relevant people or B) you’re not communicating an immediately meaningful message to visitors… in either case, change things up ASAP!

Try one of these and let us know how it goes!

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