Hotel Marketing and the Impact of Video SEO

December 7, 2012

Google has made a change to their algorithm that counts time watched on video as one of their ranking factors. This change brings with it an added importance on creating engaging video content and is just another indication by Google of how important video is and will continue to be in search. This also presents an opportunity for hotel marketers to use video SEO to drive organic rankings.

The key here is the “time watched on video” and not the number of clicks. Create a video that keeps viewers watching and Google will see this as an indicator of quality content and push the video to the top of search rankings. According to Eric Meyerson, YouTube’s head of creator marketing communications, “YouTube viewers watch a lot of video — over 4 billion hours a month at last count. But the average household also watches several hours of video per day on their TVs. So for YouTube to become the most important media in more people’s lives, we’ve got a lot of growing to do,” he said. “Over the past few months we have made some changes to YouTube to encourage people to spend more time watching, interacting, and sharing with the community. To support this, we’ve updated what we call video discovery features, meaning how our viewers find videos to watch via search and suggested videos. These changes better surface the videos that viewers actually watch, over those that they click on and then abandon.” In addition, YouTube Analytics has released a new metric called Estimated minutes watched, which further supports the attention to this metric.

Hotel marketers should focus on creating engaging video that highlights the details and amenities that make those hotels unique. Video has the highest engagement compared to images or text. Video can be used to better communicate details regarding a certain hotel. Also, video SEO is a key component of a vertical SEO search strategy.


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