Tambourine 30th anniversary

Part 1: How finding hotels has changed for consumers.

Remember when well-worn guidebooks, dog-eared travel magazines and a friend or travel agent’s recommendation were your sole sources of where-to-stay inspiration? As we mark our 30th anniversary as a hotel marketing firm, Tambourine takes a look at how finding hotels has changed for consumers since 1983.

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Tambourine: Numbers for Ninjas

Expedia's revenue growth over the same period last year was 24%.

This amazing stat brings up a number of issues for hotel marketers. First, how do your results compare to Expedia’s? Sure they have bigger budgets, deeper resources and global markets, but their primary growth is coming from surging travel demand. Are your sales in sync?

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Did you know that 75% of consumers who book directly on a hotel site visit an OTA first?

Sure the OTAs are a costly source of bookings, but they may also be driving traffic to your website that otherwise would never know you exist! Your listing on the OTA has a “billboard effect:” consumers discover you on the OTA, but then surf to your site to book directly. How can your property stimulate this behavior? Many of the OTAs offer premium placement opportunities (you only pay when someone clicks on your ad) to increase your exposure to relevant searchers researching your destination.

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