Tablet-based bookings on the rise. What does this mean for your hotel?

Over the last 16 months, bookings originating from users on iPads and other tablet-sized devices has increased by more than 70% while bookings from traditional desktop/laptop PCs has remained static (some surveys even suggest it has declined). While there are millions more phones and iPods in use than tablets… tablet bookings far outpace smaller devices.

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Hotels Limiting Their Potential in Mobile Commerce

Mobile traffic accounted for only 2.94% of web traffic in 2010. Today mobile traffic accounts for nearly 10% of web traffic according to Stat Counter. Not only does mobile traffic continue to rise year by year, so does mobile commerce. 38% of the 90 million smart phone owners have made retail purchases on their phone. These numbers are especially staggering considering that it has taken less than 5 years to get here.

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