Tablet-based bookings on the rise. What does this mean for your hotel?

June 24, 2013

Over the last 16 months, bookings originating from users on iPads and other tablet-sized devices has increased by more than 70% while bookings from traditional desktop/laptop PCs has remained static (some surveys even suggest it has declined). While there are millions more phones and iPods in use than tablets… tablet bookings far outpace smaller devices.


The viewing/booking experience on a tablet is much more conducive to commerce. Make sure your website is not only mobile-friendly, but has a tablet-specific experience that harnesses the intrinsic functionality of tablet computing (extensive swipe-thru galleries etc). Optimizing the tablet experience also extends to the booking process. Make sure your booking engine vendor has tablet-friendly booking widgets and screens that delight users rather than irritate them and cause abandonment.

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