Guests are likely to visit 13 sites before making a purchase.

April 26, 2013

TambourineNumbersforNinjas13%The internet has changed travel consumer buying behavior dramatically.¬†Guests now research and compare more than ever before… consulting up to 13 or more different sites before making a purchase!

How does this affect your marketing?

  1. Rate parity is essential across all online channels: any rate dissonance will confuse and repel prospective guests. Make sure any discounts or flash sales are available on your website, where most consumers prefer to book directly.
  2. Image parity: conveying consistent brand, rooms and amenities imagery across all online channels will comfort savvy consumers
  3. Mobile-friendly websites are essential: up to 25% of your web traffic is coming on mobile/tablet devices.
  4. Social proof is critical: consumers are deeply affected by reviews, awards and engaging social content. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!
  5. Take your best shot: consumers are more deal-conscious than ever. Make a compelling offer to gain consideration

And if you’re wondering which sites your customers are looking at other than yours… check out your website analytics stats each month for a complete list of the sites that arriving visitors are coming from… you might be surprised!