Travel Is Social (Infographic)

January 18, 2013

Travel is fundamentally a social experience

It requires people get out of their house and interact with other people, other travelers, cab drivers, doormen and concierge. It’s also important to note that guests are interacting with physical objects: buildings, doorways, mirrors, stairwells, elevators, pillows, blankets. Every point of interaction a guest has with your destination, hotel, hotel staff and decor, from booking to check-in to check-out, is an opportunity to wow, to delight, to intrigue, to get them talking and snapping pictures, and make a social impression.

  1. Think about those social touch points—Are you taking advantage of those encounters? Are you leaving a big enough impact for guests to talk about you?
  2. What is your hotel doing to fit in to your guest’s world? Your hotel needs to create those points of interest. Use what you know about people’s social sharing habits and capitalize on those moments.
  3. Figure out a way to harness those exceptional things that guests notice all the time and translate them into social experiences.

Check out the Travel is Social InfoGraphic Below

Thomas McDermott is the Social Media Manager at Tambourine.

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