U.S. Hotel Revenue Reached Record Levels in 2012.

July 15, 2013

TambourineAccording to recent study by STR, US hotel revenue reached record levels in 2012, with profit climbing to 24% of total revenue.

Unfortunately, despite growing consumer preference for direct bookings… most hotels also saw an increase in their dependency on expensive OTA-driven transactions. This costly channel drags down profitability and frustrates property owners seeking greater ROI on their investments.

If every hotel in the US were able to reduce their dependence on third parties by just 1%… more than $280,000,000 would be generated in new direct revenue!

What steps are you taking to reduce expensive OTA revenues?
New direct marketing technology is empowering smart hoteliers to generate direct bookings at much lower cost than the 25%+ OTAs charge.

One of the most immediate methods to reduce OTA cost is to participate in TripAdvisor’s “Show Prices” feature… whereby your hotel website’s direct rates can easily and quickly be published to supersede the OTAs offerings for your property!

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