Hotel Marketing Budgets: How Much is Actually Enough?

It’s probably time to sit down and address the elephant-in-the-room: how much should you be spending on marketing?

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Friday Freebie: You have one chance to make a good impression

A hotel marketing lesson from mom….

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hotel reputation management

Are comments about your hotel falling on deaf ears?

Hotels take reputation management seriously when it comes to guest feedback on TripAdvisor, but often underappreciate the need to closely monitor other social media channels.

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Friday Freebie: How to Uncover Guests’ Hidden Instagram Photos

Your guests are creating FREE ultra-creative marketing content almost every day. Here’s how to uncover that treasure trove of evangelism!

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Friday Freebie: Solving the latest hotel website curveball from Google

Google’s new security standards could threaten your hotel’s website traffic. Here’s how to solve the problem:

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Hotel Marketing

Bad Habits: 5 things hotel marketers should stop right now

Today, we want to turn things around and recommend a few things NOT to do!

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Friday Freebie: Rate parity matters… but so does Promo Parity

We call this SPAC: Simultaneous Promotion Across All Channels.

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The 10 Daily Habits of Highly Effective Hotel Marketers

Based on our 34 years in hotel marketing, here are the 10 daily habits we see that separate the best hotel marketers from the mediocre:

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5 Things Modern Hotel Marketers Can Learn From Vintage Travel Posters

Decades before the creation of modern hotel marketing, poster designers inherently understood and integrated five key elements of successful hotel marketing.

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