Real SEO and the Responsibility of Travel Search Engine Strategists

October 11, 2012

Real SEO is about generating quality content that is unique. You’ve probably heard this before. But allow me to break it down for you. Search engine strategists have a responsibility to optimally utilize digital assets such as blogs, website copy, videos, pictures and other digital content that is created specifically for clients and spread it out over relevant websites, indexes and social media platforms so that people SEE IT, and they do this for two reasons:

To drive online traffic.
To acquire rankings.

The constant flow of creative oozing out of travel, destination, and hotel marketing agencies is one of the biggest weapons that can be used in the war to acquire organic rankings. And it is a war. The majority of SEO companies in the industry promise rankings for $75 based on “black hat tactics” such as link farming. Link farming is bad. This is when a group of websites come together and each website links to all the other websites in the group. Google is on to this which makes link farming a short term game. And no SEO strategist worth his salt supports them. The only reason those SEO companies can offer SEO service on the cheap is because they aren’t creating original content, and if they are, it certainly isn’t quality content. What they are doing is generating garbage content, Content that has no real value, content that won’t be used, cataloged or read EVER.

Travel marketers and digital agencies are in a unique position to generate high quality, original work that could only be attained because of the relationship with the client. They do this through the creation of website content, pictures, video, and social media media content, and informative blogs. If the travel agency is doing a good job, this should translate to tangible, useful, compelling online content that cannot be produced anywhere else, with an end result of driving organic traffic.

Bottom line is that all content created is more ammunition to engage with past and potential customers to drive rankings and traffic. SEO is really just traditional marketing tactics. Identifying a target market, creating compelling content for that market, and ensuring an awesome customer experience once they learn and use your product.  Sure there is a high degree of technical tactics that go in to describe the contents of webpages to search engines, but at the core it is identifying target markets and creating experiences that turn visitors into customers.

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