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Tambourine Named to Google Engage All-Stars List

August 14, 2013

Tambourine You can see Shannon and Chris of Tambourine geeking out in front of Google HQ where they represented Tambourine who was among 200 of the world’s top search engine marketing firms to be invited to Google Engage All Stars Annual Summit in Mountain View, California. To qualify, Tambourine delivered higher measurable ROI and outperformed thousands of other agencies worldwide.

“The key to search marketing performance is constant testing and accurate conversion tracking.  Without proper tracking in place you’ll never be able to define ROI or attribute which keywords impacted a consumer’s decision to book a hotel or vacation,” according to Chris Rodman, Tambourine Director of Search and Analytics and leader of Tambourine’s delegation to the Google All-Stars Summit.

“Google’s rapidly evolving set of products are a cornerstone for our global tourism and hotel clients,” reports Shannon Defries, Tambourine’s Media Director. “Our objective is to master Google’s new product line and generate a significant increase in visitation and bookings.”

Below: The team shares a few treats from their trip to Silicon Valley.

Google AllStars & Tambourine Hotel Marketing

Google certainly knows how to make a lady feel special. Each team member received a special care package prior to their trip.

Trending Staircase | Tambourine Google Engage All Stars

Meet The Trending Staircase.

And yes… Breaking Bad wouldn’t stop trending. It was kind of obnoxious.

Google Engage All Stars | Tambourine

The Google Earth Room. That pretty much sums it up.

Android Factory | Tambourine All Stars

The Android Building at Google HQ… OH, I get it!

About Tambourine

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Don't Just Join the Conversation. Lead it. Social Lessons for Hotels. (Infographic)

February 7, 2013

Tambourine Hotel MarketingEvery day, travel becomes more and more central to the social experience. With Facebook’s new Graph search, updates to Facebook’s Mobile App Nearby, and the big announcement that Facebook is starting to ramp up their hotel industry presence, hotels that have diligently worked hard to create a strong and consistent social presence are going to have a big leg up on the competition.

But for those hotels still fumbling around in the dark trying to find a social strategy, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

  1. People are already talking about your hotel. If you give bad service, people are complaining about you somewhere. Whether it’s on Facebook or TripAdvisor, they’re blowing the whistle on you. You can’t ignore them. It’s time to step up and manage your online reviews and your social reputation.
  2. The social experience starts long before check in. Guests who launch on the social experience with your hotel before check in are far more likely to continue being social throughout their trip. Set them off on the right foot with social incentives at the time of booking and watch that engagement go up.
  3. Drive the conversation. Facebook has proven tools to help develop brand advocates, increase your hotel’s fan base, and achieve exponential reach with special offers. Figuring out what people are saying is just the first step. As an authority on your hotel and your city, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be leading the conversation about travel in your sphere of influence.

Check out the Social Lessons for Hotels Infographic below for some great tips on managing those online conversations.

Thomas McDermott is the Social Media Manager at Tambourine.

About Tambourine: Tambourine is an ROI-obsessed marketing agency driving demand, revenue and brand awareness for travel and leisure clients since 1986. The Company creates inspiring digital experiences and engaging campaigns that produce measurable results. Based in South Florida and New York City, Tambourine recently received Gold and Platinum Adrian and Magellan awards, the largest and most prestigious travel marketing competitions, representing this year’s top marketing campaigns from across the global hospitality industry.

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