Revenge of the Timeshare Geeks: 5 new technologies revolutionizing timeshare marketing

April 4, 2014

Revenge of the Timeshare Geek | Tambourine hotel marketing technology

The wild west days of timeshare tour generation are over.

Aggressive OPCs and massive outbound calling campaigns face intense scrutiny and struggle to deliver positive ROI. Instead, a new generation of timeshare/vacation club marketers is deploying cost-effective digital tactics that harvest the reach and power of the web to drive INBOUND leads. Is your timeshare/vacation club marketing team keeping up with more advanced competitors?


  1. Persona-based Search Marketing:
    Search engine marketing, especially Google PPC, is already used by many timeshare/vacation club developers… sadly, they’re wasting millions of dollars producing unqualified leads at an unsustainable cost-per-lead. Other than the largest brands, independent timeshare developers struggle to find and keep truly skilled search marketing professionals with the proven knowledge and tactics required to capture qualified inbound leads. Sure, there are thousands of search marketing firms ready to run campaigns on your behalf, but very few take the time to understand the ideal PERSONA of your qualified lead and synthesize that understanding into your actual campaigns. Most vacation clubs seek tours from folks with a very specific demographic profile. Your search marketing team needs to understand the characteristics of this profile and use it to hyper-target search engine campaigns that engage relevant prospects.
  2. Dynamic Capture/Landing Pages:
    Visitors to your online landing/capture page arrive with a treasure-trove of valuable data that can help you convert them into a lead. Advanced vacation club marketers instantly harvest the location, keyword data and previous behavior of the visitor to create dynamic personalized messaging on the fly! This is vitally important to timeshare developers who target overseas prospects… enabling the developer to detect country of origin and translate the inbound landing page to welcome the visitor in their native language.
  3. Airport Retargeting:
    Major airlines now allow marketers to target travelers searching their sites for specific airports and dates. If you’re a timeshare developer in Miami and KNOW a couple from Brazil is flying to Miami on a specific date, you can now deploy digital advertising that targets that specific couple with a mini-vacation offer for their chosen dates. The airlines and their advertising partners also offer highly targeted space on inbound boarding passes, creating a high-value messaging opportunity the couple will retain during their journey.
  4. Digital Call Tracking:
    It’s relatively easy to track inbound leads form online campaigns, but what happens when leads CALL your property? Powerful new call tracking technology now enables advanced timeshare marketers to track the source, location and phone number of all inbound leads. These reports are invaluable for determining which campaigns are creating inbound phone calls and enabling call-back campaigns.
  5. Mobile/Responsive Websites:
    A large and growing number of consumers now carry mini-computers in their pocket… smartphones like the iPhone are often the primary computing device for many people (especially the affluent). Its imperative that any landing pages be automatically responsive when they detect a mobile browser and instantly reconfigure the site for optimal readability. A good example of this is which instantly changes its shape and content to welcome inbound visitors on mobile phones or iPads.

Ready to geek-up your tour generation?

The digital marketing revolution that’s changed the hotel industry and many others is now rolling over the timeshare/vacation club sector as well. Advanced developers are implementing innovative digital campaigns to drive INBOUND leads and tour generation. If your operations team is seeking to accelerate lead flow from digital channels, find a qualified expert vendor with proven industry knowledge and demonstrable metrics. Start slow and ramp as results improve… it’s the geeky thing to do!

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