68% of meeting planners rely heavily on website research.

September 13, 2013

Tambourine: Hotel MarketingIf meetings & groups are an important component of your revenue mix, it’s more import an than ever to ensure the digital assets for your group marketing team are keeping up with best practices.

Here’s 5 simple action items that can be implemented quickly to improve traction for MICE sales at your hotel:

  1. Meeting planners want business-friendly spaces that help their groups collaborate and learn. Consider adding inexpensive 360º video of meeting rooms and suites, with clear dimension stats and photos of past events in those same spaces
  2. Meeting planners want off-site activities that are within walking distance of the venue. Your hotel is important, but the destination is even more important. Your website should have an interactive map showing nearby attractions and recommended highlights.
  3. Wi-Fi is king. If you offer it at no cost to guests and/or meeting attendees, make sure its clear and prominent on your meeting planner pages
  4. Meeting planners hate excess charges: add reassuring language about pricing policies and reviews from happy, previous planners… these go a long way towards alleviating pricing concerns
  5. Relationships matter: meeting planners want to know WHO they will deal with in case of the inevitable snafus that arise. Showcase your meetings team, their photos and their backgrounds to build trust and confidence before new clients engage!

Finally, what might be a statement of the obvious to some… make sure your property has a dedicated section for meeting planners, including new technology which allows your planner clients to access their documents in a password-protected area.

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