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Staying on Target: Mastering Your Meta Audience

Today we are going to discuss…

Getting to know audience options in Meta’s advertising platform. (i.e. Facebook & Instagram)

What types of audiences can you target in Meta’s advertising platform? 
Meta audiences can be categorized by four basic characteristics:

  • Demographics: Targeting based on shared common characteristics usually found on a census like age, gender, income, or even language, but these categories can go even further into education and life events. 
  • Interest: Targeting based on shared interest, activities, and pages liked. A good example would be targeting people who like or interact with content from Snowboarding Magazine for a campaign for a ski lodge. 
  • Behaviors: Targeting based on concrete behavior, like whether or not someone has taken a trip recently or interested in upcoming events.
  • Custom Audiences: These are the only audiences not built into Meta’s platform. In fact, these are audiences you create based on your own data. For example: when you upload a past guest database or build a list of website visitors to retarget and segment them by who has entered your booking engine but did not book. 

The thing is…
There are literally hundreds of targeting options inside platforms like Meta, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. In order to think creatively about your strategy, you’ve got to familiarize yourself with what’s possible inside each platform. 

That means digging into the platform yourself. 
Log in to the platform. Dig through the options. You’ll discover targeting options you’d never have considered building a package around. For instance, you can target individuals in your drive market who have an upcoming anniversary. That might inspire you to build a weekend romance package and target that audience exclusively. 

The possibilities are quite literally endless. 
Plus, targeting options are added and removed (often without warning) all the time. So it’s good to build a habit of checking back in now and then. 

Flash Back !

How well do you know Meta’s audience targeting capabilities?