Start With The ‘HVTs’

Create a Top 100 list of ‘high-value targets.’

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This week’s freebie: Start with the “HVTs.”

Frequently, hotel marketers focus on converting transient consumers, instead of aiding their hotel’s group and corporate sales staff. This is essentially leaving money on the table, potentially hampering revenues, particularly amid slow periods.

Instead, hotel marketing pros should partner with group sales teams, by rapidly adopting the core tenets of “account-based marketing” and creating a Top 100 list of “high-value targets.” Sure, it’s a mental shift from traditional marketing tactics, but well worth the strategic change.

In traditional marketing, the initial goal is to inspire potential customers to visit your website and/or fill-out forms. From there, automated emails urge those customers further down the sales funnel. Last, marketers identify target companies, to further boost the overall volume of incoming leads.

But in account-based marketing, those same target companies become the top priority, and they are engaged through highly personalized campaigns. Throughout the process, the ultimate objective is to build lasting relationships with target companies, which will hopefully lead to more opportunities down the road.

When building your hotel’s list of Top 100 HVTs, you’ll most likely utilize group business market intelligence from a provider like Knowland to identify the ideal group opportunities for your location and venue. Then, load your HVT data into a CRM platform, so you can communicate with these potential clients. Use your CRM to regularly engage with contacts like meeting planners and corporate bookers, by providing selfless, entertaining, destination-centric content that organically draws them to your market and hotel.


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