Segment Your Past Guest List For Greater Returns

Sending the same message and offer to your entire past guest database is a thing of the past.

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This week’s Freebie: Sending the same message and offer to your entire past guest database is a thing of the past.

Savvy hotel marketers have invested time and effort in smart segmentation. Here are the basics:

• identify key guest segments in your CRS/PMS

• append relevant demographic info from third-party sources

• place them into “buckets” or segmented audience groups in your CRM system based on their demographics, historical visitation and behavioral spending patterns

• deploy unique offers, messages and experiences for each group

Emailing the “right offer to the right person at the right time” is the most fundamental type of personalization hotels should be mastering amidst all the hype about personalization

This targeted approach will help you stay relevant to your varied audiences, instead of dropping rates in an attempt to sell to everyone.

For instance, the Landings Resort & Spa in St. Lucia is popular with families on summer vacation looking for more room to play and more ways to make memories. So, they create a summer special and marketed it directly to past guest they know to be parents. The Exclusive Family Offer invites guests to take 50% off villa stays and free babysitting, while kids eat free for the entire season.

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