Offer Thematic Destination Incentives To Drive Direct Bookings

Local demand generators are some of your strongest allies.

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Explore How to Increase Hotel Direct Bookings

This week’s freebie: Offer thematic destination incentives to drive direct bookings.

For most travelers, the trip planning process begins with the destination, not the hotel. So by making your property an intrinsic part of that destination’s experiences, you’re increasing the likelihood of guests choosing your hotel.

Still, that doesn’t keep a potential guest from researching, selecting your property and then booking it through an OTA. So, to convince guests to book directly through you instead, try offering book-direct benefits that correlate with the hotel’s unique story, geography or theme.

For example, hotels near Disney World may offer discounted or free park passes, or mountain resorts may offer discounted ski lift tickets. If you’re located in wine country, partner with the local vineyards to offer exclusive and/or discounted tasting tours, or in cities with breweries, a beer-tasting crawl. Find the things that make your location attractive, and then brainstorm ways to offer relevant value tied to these demand generators.

Smart marketers also position their hotels as the authentic epicenter of their destinations, by offering curated city guides and maps (and in some cases, actual tour guides) to direct bookers. Cultivate “insider” tips from your staff on the best places in town, and publish that content exclusively on your website. These kinds of direct-booking benefits work because they are relevant to the typical guest persona and they reinforce the hotel’s theme and/or geography.


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