Friday Freebie: Make Your Hotel Website More Meeting Planner Friendly

July 7, 2017


Welcome to the Friday Freebie!

Each week we share one impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and more revenue.

This Week’s Freebie: Make it easier for meeting planners to consider and choose your venue by providing the tools and data they expect.

Meeting planners are constantly on-the-go and juggling several projects at any given moment. Make their jobs easier (and make it easier for them to see your venue’s potential) by providing the valuable tools they need to select a site.

According to our recent meeting planner survey, these are the mandatory tools that meeting planners expect to access directly from your hotel website:

  • Capacity charts
  • Floor diagrams
  • Room measurements
  • Virtual/video venue tours
  • Photos of actual events

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