Lacking Mobility? Try Facebook Canvas Ads

Harness Facebook Canvas Ads for mobile content and brand differentiation.


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Each week we share one impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and revenue.

This week’s freebie: Harness Facebook Canvas ads for mobile content and brand differentiation.

Facebook Canvas ads (also known as Instant Experiences) are a great way for independent or flagged properties to publish mobile-friendly content and/or branded landing page experiences. 

Canvas allows marketers to create a custom, mobile web advertising experience that lives inside of Facebook, doesn’t require any web development, but functions almost identically to a website landing page.

What’s really compelling about Canvas ads is their quick-loading, mobile-first format. Canvas ads are opened from Facebook ads in user news feeds, displaying full-screen content that can combine video, still images, text, and call-to-action buttons to convey your message. There are also engaging extras, like the ability to swipe through carousel images, zoom on photos and tilt for panoramic images.

See Samples Below:

  1. Watch The St. Regis San Francisco Canvas Ad Experience


2. Watch The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Canvas Ad


Why Branded Properties Love Them:

In the absence of a vanity website, branded properties can create custom landing page-esque experiences that allow marketers to deploy highly targeted, specialized content that deep dives on the destination or hotel experience. In the end, the consumer can still link out to to book.

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