how many couples are engaged

How many couples are engaged in your local market?

Today, we’re talking about…
The valuable wedding data hidden inside of Facebook and Instagram.

Did you know?

There are over 4 million engaged people on Facebook and Instagram right now in the United States. You might even know a few.

Not last year.

Not next year.

Right now.

On Facebook and Instagram.

Drill down a little further…

There are over 75,000 people engaged in Dallas, Texas. Over 80,000 in Chicago, Illinois. 12,000 in Washington, DC.

And on and on we go.

City by city. State by state. Region by Region. The data inside Facebook and Instagram tells a fascinating story about wedding demand in your market.

See a list of demand by city below.


Newly Engaged People on Facebook by City

Where can I find this data?

Inside the Facebook and Instagram ads platform.

No. You can’t access this audience through organic posting.

In order to access engaged couples in your city or the city of Philadelphia, you’re going to need a paid ads budget for Facebook and Instagram advertising.

In order to capture and convert these audiences...

You’re going to need great Facebook and Instagram ad creative. You’re going to need a great website experience. And you’re going to need a compelling story to make them choose you.

That’s going to cost money.

Knowing the audience exists is just the beginning.

Now the real digital strategy begins.

There’s no shortcut to success. But there is some good news…

Data like this makes for a compelling story.

And you’re going to need a compelling story if you’re going to ask ownership for additional weddings budget.

Imagine this.

You’re in a meeting with ownership.

And you say…

“Mr. Owner, There are over 40,000 engaged couples in our market right now. If we can capture just 1% of that demand, we’re talking about 400 leads. With a close rate of just 5%, we’re talking about 20 deals. The average value of each deal is $15K. That’s an additional $300,000 in revenue. Give me 10% of that projected revenue to build a marketing strategy.”

Now you’ve turned that data into a business case.

And ownership loves a good business case.


Flash Back !

How are you building a case for more weddings budget in 2022?