Guests are talking to Amazon Echo and Google Home. Are you answering?

Voice is a big part of the future of online search and plays an important role in your hotel website design.

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This week’s Freebie: Voice is a big part of the future of online search. A carefully worded FAQ page into your hotel website design makes it easier to be discovered by digital assistants and smart speakers.

Whether calling out to Alexa for weather information or turning to Siri for restaurant ideas, voice search has risen dramatically into the mainstream within just a few years.

In fact, ComScore predicts that more than half of all online searches will be done via search.

How can hotels adjust their website copy to be voice-search friendly?

Start with a detailed FAQ page adhering to these two principles:

  1. Anticipate Conversational Questions
  2. Focus on longtail Key Phrases

We talk differently than we type. Instead of awkward, short searches, people are using full sentences. So, “boutique hotel south beach” typed in a search bar, is being replaced with “which boutique hotels are closest to South Beach?”

The FAQ’s should address the who, what, when, where and how…

For example, “Which hotels offer valet or free parking?” or “When is the best time to visit Nashville?”

Determine the type of questions your target audience will most likely ask, then produce relevant, non-promotional responses on your FAQ page. Even better, expand on these queries later in your hotel blog or marketing videos for more searchable content.

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