Group sales collateral checklist for 2019

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to review your group sales collateral material and freshen it up for 2019.

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This week’s Freebie: As the year draws to a close, it’s time to review your group sales collateral material and freshen it up for 2019.

Your group sales team needs to offer more than charisma and sharp closing skills. They must be armed with stunning sales materials to make an impression on meeting planners and to differentiate your property.

It’s time to take a thorough look at your current sales and marketing materials for group business. Are they speaking to the concerns of today’s planners? Or, are they just simply touting your venue space?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Meeting planners have unique challenges. Craft your marketing messages to offer event solutions, not just event space.
  • Does your value proposition resonate with your current group clients? Poll some of your best customers about what makes your property unique. You might be surprised by their responses.
  • What types of groups does your hotel attract? Do you need separate sales materials and messaging for corporate planners, wedding clients and non-profits?
  • Collect and showcase your latest client testimonials
  • Has your venue space been recently renovated or redesigned?
  • Stop selling with empty ballroom shots. Meeting planners want to see how other planners creatively used the space, so update your materials with images of past meetings and events.

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  1. Hotels also need to consider dedicated collateral for leisure group travel planners. Tour operators, faith-based groups, reunions, students – all present a unique opportunity for hotels to fill rooms. But their needs are different than meeting planners. Proximity to downtown or major attractions, double-double rooms, on-site restaurant and safety are but a few of the concerns these markets have.

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