Today, we’re talking about…
Your hotel Google My Business listing.

The little box that turned into a website. 

It started out harmless enough. You remember that little Google My Business listing that connected your hotel to google maps. 

It’s unrecognizable today.

What was once no more than a simple directory listing with a link back to your website is now Google’s central hub for your hotel, aggregating reviews, pricing, even things to do nearby. 

At six pages, it’s hard not to call it a website. 

Here it is below. Let’s take a look.

The overview page

The gallery page

The location page

The pricing page

So what’s it all for? 

These six pages tie directly into Google’s larger machine—Google Hotel Finder—which has not-so-secretly been encroaching on the OTA space for some time now. Your hotel Google My Business listing is now—for all intents and purposes—an OTA listing, no different than the listing you have on Expedia or Tripadvisor. 

Keeping it updated is key. 

Beyond the fact that this six page listing aggregates data about your property, it also plays a significant role in how people find you in Google Hotel Finder. If you weren’t aware of all the categories and attributes tucked away inside your Google My Business listing, it’s time to take another look, as they have become critically important for users looking to narrow their search. 

Flash back!

When was the last time you reviewed the features in your Google My Business listing?

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