Friday Freebie: Want More Bookings? Watch the Bouncing.

April 21, 2017


Welcome to the Friday Freebie!

Each week we share one free, impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and more revenue. 

This Week’s Freebie: Check your hotel’s bounce rate to determine if your website is capturing and holding your visitor’s attention.

Your hotel’s bounce rate is an essential website metric to keep an eye on.

Simply put, your bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit just one page on your website (most likely your hotel’s homepage), then leave or “bounce.”

This means that once they land on the homepage, they’re not enticed or interested enough to check out any other content on your website.

Not your accommodations. Not your F&B.


This is the equivalent of someone walking by a store, peeking in the window, then walking away without entering.

The lower the bounce rate, the better. Any number above 50% is sub-optimal and can mean:

  1. You’re not arresting your audience with a unique message that is relevant or meaningful.
  2. You’re not attracting enough of your ideal guest persona.
  3. You’re attracting too many “tire-kickers” from visitors who are not serious about staying with you (this often happens when hotels run flash sales) and are simply seeking a deal.

Whatever the case, keeping an eye on your bounce rate will signal that it may be time to test new messages on your highest bounce rate pages. And after you’ve done that, also check out the bounce or “abandonment” rate inside your booking engine. Here’s a brief article on why visitors abandon their reservations and the proper steps to fix it. 

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