Friday Freebie: Outsmart New Compset Properties With Creativity

This Week’s Freebie: Celebrate Your USPs to stand out from new compset properties.


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This Week’s Freebie: Celebrate Your USPs to stand out from new compset properties.

Let’s face it.

New properties steal not just the spotlight, but potentially your market share as well… They are poised perfectly to siphon your business with their sparkling technology, modern amenities, and exciting new guest experiences that travelers are clamoring for…  Unless, you rebuff their arrival with an arsenal of smart marketing of your own.

But don’t fall back on flash sales in a last-minute bid to entice bookings away from them. This will only hurt your reputation and your bottom line.

Instead, leverage the one thing you have that they don’t: past guests.

While the new hotel must target new guests, create compelling reasons for past guests to plan a return stay.

Examine how your guest experience outshines theirs and leverage every unique aspect of your hotel to craft targeted marketing campaigns and creative promotions to your current email list of past guests (another thing new properties don’t have).

Segment your email list and consider the USPs that will pertain to them. Offer free Wifi while they charge $12/day? Are you located right in the heart of a cool neighborhood, while they’re on the outskirts? Do you host a complimentary happy hour of local wines?

Creatively packaging what makes you unique is one of the simplest ways to outshine your competition and sustain market share.

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