Friday Freebie: Hotel Website Visitors Want To Talk… Are You Listening?

This week’s freebie: Open up a simple new line of communication and watch direct bookings rise.

FridayFreebie-Tambourine-600x600Welcome to the Friday Freebie!

Each week we share one impactful hotel marketing tactic that you can implement immediately to drive more conversions and more revenue. 

This week’s freebie: Open up a simple new line of communication and watch direct bookings rise.

Today, people are busier than ever and are expect instant gratification in every aspect of their lives. From texting to Facebook messaging to Amazon Prime, speedy interaction is now the gold standard of modern business.

Live chat on your website and hotel booking engine puts your hotel back in the driver’s seat. Here are the many ways your hotel can win by incorporating live online chat to your hotel website experience:

Live Chat Is the Perfect Weapon to Outshine Your Comp Set (and OTAs)
The hotel industry is fierce. And OTAs already use chat to engage with their traffic. So while your compset’s reservation teams are still plugging away call-by-call and their front desk staff are slowly answering emails from the day before, your team can be nimble with live chat and interact with more than one traveler at a time, in real-time.

Your Customers Will Love The Convenience

Face it. Modern consumers are multi-taskers. They often don’t have the time, nor the patience to call and talk with your hotel operator or front desk agent about a possible stay at your property. Nor do they want to send an email and get an answer hours later. Live chat is a direct link to their here and now.

Live Chat Provides a Serious Bump to Your Bookings
Many people who visit your hotel’s site WILL have questions. By offering them instant answers and an open dialogue from the get go, you’re making them feel more confident in booking with you.

Most important of all, chat should also be available INSIDE THE BOOKING ENVIRONMENT. This is vital to reducing reservation abandonment. Statistics show that up to 95% of people searching for availability inside your booking engine will NOT BUY (for a number of reasons). For a few dollars a month, chat can reduce this attrition and help monetize your most valuable prospects… the ones that are ready to buy!

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Live Chat Will Save Your Hotel Money
Yes, that’s right. SAVES MONEY. Live chat software saves both your employee’s time and bottom line expenses. Your staff will spend less time on single-phone call interactions and can instead increase their efficiency by engaging and assisting more than one customer at a time. This also reduces your hotel’s need to hire more staff (or increase CRO outsource costs) to answer calls. But, most of all, by investing in live chat software, you’re lowering your average transaction cost.

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